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Center Digital Editions & Edition Analytics

Digitalize & Transcribe

Below you will find services and tools for translating analog sources into digital products, such as scanning and OCR, transcription services- and tools.

ZB Digitization Center


The ZB has a renowned digitalization center. It offers high-quality services for research and edition projects:

  • Digitization of own holdings and external materials according to international standards.
  • Digitization of different types of objects (manuscripts, books, maps, paintings, photographs, administrative records, busts, etc.) with the optimal scanner type for each case
  • Consideration of individual digitization requirements regarding resolution, color values, etc.
  • Project-specific metadata indexing
  • Consultations during the application phase of research projects to determine the exact time and financial requirements of digitization projects.

Further information and a selection of research projects currently supported by the ZB can be found here.

Digitization Fund

The ZB supports research projects with a contribution from its Digitization Fund. A maximum of CHF 15,000 per project can be requested for retro-digitization projects.

Transcription Tool e-manuscripta

Handwritten documents such as manuscripts or letters are presented on the national platform by various Swiss libraries, including the ZB. With the help of the transcription tool, the texts published there can be transcribed. This application has already been used successfully in various Citizen Science projects at the ZB, for example.


Transcription tool for automated data generation. Comprehensive platform for digitization, text recognition using Artificial Intelligence, transcription and searching of historical documents. 

Transkribus | AI-powered handwriting recognition (

See for example at iurisprudentia or the Lavater Edition. 


read & search is a web interface which makes documents from a transcribus collection accessible online.  


The interface is used for example in the project iurisprudentia


Transcribo is a Java RCP application which communicates with the server via SSH; in the background is a MySQUL DB (relational database in which the data of Transcribo and FuD are managed).


See here exemplarily at Lavater Edition



FuD is a research environment in which all data is inventoried, organized and edited. FuD is a Tcl/Tk server-client application, which communicates with the TCP/IP protocols via the server; in the background is a MySQL DB. 

The Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities and Social Sciences - FuD | KOMPETENZZENTRUM - TRIER CENTER FOR DIGITAL HUMANITIES (

System Architecture - FuD (

See here exemplarily at Lavater Edition


oxygen XML-Editor

Cross-platform editor for XML markup and transformation. 

oxygen XML Editor

Used for example in the project: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Correspondence.