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Center Digital Editions & Edition Analytics

Data modeling & Analysis

Below you will find services and tools in the areas of modeling and analysis:

Services of S3IT "Tool-coordination"

Creation of data model

  • Trimming TEI-compliant model for XML data
  • Conversions between different standard formats for edition data
  • TEI Publisher configuration

Preparation work for DaSCH

  • Reformatting of data into resources according to RDF
  • Unbundling text and metadata

The ZB-Lab advises and supports edition projects with individual assistance in the:

  • Reuse of metadata from library catalogs
  • Integration of digitized data via IIIF
  • Visualization of text and metadata
  • Creation of recognizable added value through digital evaluation options

In doing so, we address the subject-specific knowledge interests and jointly search for suitable solutions in compliance with international and open standards. Ideally, the collaboration starts at the beginning of the concept phase of a project.

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