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East Syrian Patriarch Timotheos I.

Manuscript Baghdad, Chaldean Monastery 509, 13th century, page 724. (Photo: Elisabeth Horem)

The project (expected to begin in the fall of 2022) will digitize and lemmatize the complete edition of the letters of the East Syrian patriarch Timotheos I. Digitization, lemmatization, and alignment will take place in collaboration with the GREgORI project of the Université Catholique de Louvain.

GREgORI Projektwebsite

Technical Tools

  • Toolsof the GREgORI project specially developed for Syriac text corpora

Usage Options

Edition of the original Syriac text and German translation are available in open access on the GREgORI project website, both digitized and as PDF of the printed book edition. Consultation tools accessible to all are available for queries, including online concordances on the GREgORI website and the online queryable lemmatized text corpora on the GREgORI project interfaces. Simple and complex queries can be made according to different categories and their combination. The search can optionally be extended to texts of the entire corpus covered by GREgORI. The query response is in the form of a list or concordance. In these concordances, one line of the context of the word in question is always given. Optionally, the context can be extended additionally. Alphabetical lists, retrograde lists or frequency lists can also be created. The parallelization of original text and translation also allows bilingual queries as well as observations on translation technique.

Project Responsibility

Prof. Dr. Silke-Petra Bergjan

Prof. Dr. Martin Heimgartner


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