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Paippalāda Recension of the Atharvaveda

The project will produce a historical-critical edition of the Paippalāda recension of the Atharvaveda, an ancient Indian text from the 1st millennium BCE and thus closes a gap in the research on the Vedic cultural epoch. The edition is flanked by detailed commentaries on the individual editorial decisions and on linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the text.

Project website

Digital Edition

Technical Tools

  • PHP Frontend
  • TEI-XML data: Data can be modified online via specifically developed tool
  • Analysis in an external tagger. Manual correction before reading into XML storage format

Usage Options

  • Reading the edition and the text-historical commentaries
  • Search for words in different levels of the edited text
  • R scripts for searching the XML data

Project Responsibility

Prof. Dr. Paul Widmer

Prof. Dr Angelika Malinar