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Johann Caspar Lavater: Historical-Critical Edition of Selected Correspondence (JCLB)


Historical-critical edition of selected correspondence by Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801). The digital edition JCLB records and indexes Lavater's correspondences worldwide. The research project visualizes the network structure with the corresponding metadata and edits selected correspondence in digital form and as a print edition. JCLB works in close cooperation with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) and the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH).

Project website JCLB

Digital Edition JCLB

Technical Tools

  • Transcribo: Transcription tool, with which the data is transcribed in a finely granular manner and text-critically annotated (for the selected, historically-critically edited correspondences)
  • FuD: Edition tool; FuD is a research environment in which all data are inventoried (via interface to e-manuscripa), organized and edited.
  • Transkribus: Transcription tool for automated data generation. In the course of 2022, Transkribus will be used for the transcription of the non-historical-critical edited letters and a connection to Transcribo will be established.
  • Redmine: Project Management Tool

Usage Options

From 2022, the Data and Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH) will be responsible for the sustainability of the data in cooperation with the Services and Support for Science IT (S3IT) of the UZH. A cooperation agreement exists with DaSCH.

Project Responsibility

Dr. Ursula Caflisch-Schnetzler

Prof. Dr. Davide Giuriato