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Kritische Robert Walser-Ausgabe


Critical edition of all prints and manuscripts of Robert Walser (KWA). This is a historical-critical hybrid edition: a book edition with complementary digital edition (KWAe).

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Digitale Edition

Technical Tools

  • TEI-xml
  • SVG (Vector graphic format based on xml
  • RDF, RDF-Standoff
  • PDF (E-books of the printed volumes)

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The KWAe makes Robert Walser's edited work visible in its original appearance through facsimiles of the printed works and the manuscripts. It provides the edition texts as electronic transcriptions (TEI as RDF-Standoff, SVG) and as e-books of the printed volumes (Pdf). The edition texts are linked to the facsimiles and indexed by a search function. The KWAe also documents the contexts in which Walser's texts appeared; for example, the newspaper environment can be read along with Walser's feuilleton texts in the facsimile. For the exact congruent transcriptions of the micrographic drafts, which are difficult to decipher, high-resolution and scalable facsimiles are available on which the decipherment can be reproduced. In this way, the edition takes into account the importance of the graphic dimension in Walser's poetics. The KWAe also contains a comprehensive electronic work index, the Findbuch, which bibliographically records all of Robert Walser's texts according to manuscripts and publications.

Project Responsibility

Prof. Dr. Davide Giuriato

Prof. Dr. Alexander Honold (Uni Basel)

Dr. Christian Walt