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Transkribus for researchers at UZH

What is Transkribus?

Transkribus is an AI-supported platform for text recognition, transcription, and searching in historical documents.

How can researchers at UZH use Transkribus?

The ZDE currently has an organizational subscription for UZH members. With the subscription, you get access to all functionalities of Transkribus. Credits can be obtained at a discounted rate. If you have a need for Transkribus credits in your editing project, feel free to contact us.

Regardless, anyone can register with Transkribus and receive a free starting credit of 100 credits per month - but only for limited usage. More information can be found here:

Transkribus Scholarship Program for Educators and Students

The program is open to students and educators of all disciplines and fields of study. Within this global program, free credits for handwriting text recognition technology in Transkribus can be applied for. Transkribus scholarships are awarded project-specifically, meaning students need to apply with a concrete project for which they intend to use the scholarship funds.

You can apply for a Transkribus Scholarship here.

Alternatives to Transkribus

Alternative free programs include OCR4All or eScriptorium.

Guidance and Explanations

You can find a video introduction to the new web app of Transkribus here.

A helpful overview of using Transkribus can be found on the project's page Digital Edition Creation Pipelines: Tools and Transitions from the Center for Information Modeling at the University of Graz.