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Historical-critical edition of the correspondence between Gaston Paris and Hugo Schuchardt in collaboration with Karl-Franzens-University Graz. Pilot project, SNF, Lead Agency with Oesterreich, 2021-2023.

Technical Tools

  • Data modeling: TEI/XML, ODD for letter data based on DTA base format, CMIF from letter data for correspSearch interface, SKOS for thesauri, KML for geographic data, DC for metadata
  • Technical infrastructure: Humanities Asset Management System (GAMS)
  • Front-end technologies: JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap 4

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The subject of the PHILINGK project (2021-2023) is the extensive, hitherto unpublished correspondence between Gaston Paris (1839-1903) and Hugo Schuchardt (1842-1927), two central figures of the founding period of modern philologies in Europe. Gaston Paris, together with Paul Meyer, was undoubtedly the most influential French philologist of the second half of the 19th century in the field of Romance languages and literatures of the Middle Ages and represents the historical-comparative paradigm that dominated at that time. In contrast, Hugo Schuchardt, who was born in Thuringia and held a chair in Graz, is considered one of the great innovators and lateral thinkers in linguistics of his time, whose work stands at a critical distance from the prevailing scientific doxa. The complementarity of the two research personalities accounts for the special quality of the content of this correspondence, in which all the essential scientific and, moreover, political debates of the time are discussed.

The letters are presented by facsimile and transcription and fed into the Hugo Schuchardt Archive in Graz ( Using precise search functions, all documents available in the HSA can be searched for various aspects, linked with each other and visualized appropriately.

In the planned follow-up project, the entire written estate of Gaston Paris is to be made digitally accessible in a separate portal and processed in parts. In further cooperation with the Hugo Schuchardt Archive in Graz, the network of the genesis of Romance philology will thus be reconstructed with increasing precision.

Project Responsibility

Prof. Dr. Ursula Bähler

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hurch


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