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Pop Punčov Sbornik - Digitale Edition


In the project, an online edition of the "Sbornik of Pop Punčo" (NBKM 693) will be created. This is a manuscript from the end of the 18th century, from a region of intense cultural exchange. The aim of the project is to process this and other sources for modern linguistics, based on the existing results from the project "'Ill-bred sons', family and friends: the multiple affiliations of Balkan Slavic". This concerns the production of a searchable text corpus with morphological and syntactic annotation. The text will also be available as a browser-enabled edition for philological research.

Project website

Digital Edition

Technical Tools

  • HTML und PHP-Scripts
  • React.js API (Search feature)

Usage Options

The Digital Edition makes it possible to use the same text or source for close reading and quantitative analysis at the same time. For this purpose, a special CSV-based format is used, which has been designated for transitional (non-standard) language varieties. In the Chapter View, the facsimiles are available together with the annotated text. The cursor can be used to view the translations, or to click on sentences to examine their structure. In this way, the text sources are made accessible to students and those interested in older literature.

Project Responsibility

Dr. Ivan Šimko


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